Diary of a Booker Winner (in waiting) – 1

January 27th

A diary started as the second month looms. (The fight against procrastination may prove a recurring theme.)

Rejections received: 1

Feedback from aforementioned rejection:

Dear H. B.

Thank you so much for sending in your first few chapters for us to read. This is a special response that we send out to writers that we won’t be taking any further but really loved their writing. It might mean that you need a huge edit, we are publishing another book very similar to yours or the novel needs some structural/developmental work.

But we think you are really talented. So submit again to us, submit everywhere because you will find a home eventually.

Hugs (because this will be bitter-sweet)

[The Eds]

PS – Huge apologies for the massive wait. We had over 170 submissions

My interpretation of the feedback from the aforementioned rejection:

“Huge edit” WTF !

“We think you are really talented.”  My arse!

“You will find a home eventually.”  Where? Atop the Bonfire of the Broken?

“Hugs?”  I’m not a two-year old!

“Bitter-sweet?”  Eh? Where’s the saccharine?

“170 submissions” Only 170! And I still didn’t smash it? WTF!

My immediate physical response to the feedback from the aforementioned rejection:

A determined curse-strewn stomp toward the fridge.

H. B. O'Neill

H. B. O’Neill is a London born writer inspired by the City and its myriad opportunity for comedy, pain, drama and adventure. He is a prize-winning poet and short story writer, a screenwriter, playwright and author. His much-anticipated novel According to Mark is due to be published soon.

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