Graphic Novels

The Pink Chapeau is a project I’ve been returning to on and off for a number of years and through such endeavour I’ve come to realise there are some incredibly talented, very patient and exceedingly encouraging people working in the comix industry. Being a struggling artist (in a very literal sense) I’ve attempted to overcome my lack of drawing skill and pick up some tips by attending workshops run by the experts and have benefited very much from the help of firstly Hannah Berry @streakofpith who patiently listened to my burgeoning idea for a character and then generously drew the initial sketch of my protagonist (see pic) to give me something to work on way back in 2010 (I know – I’m not the fastest of task completers) and more recently the similarly kind, generous and inspirational @WallisEates . A huge thank you to both of them.

For a brief introduction to The Pink Chapeau click the link and for updates as the project develops (and my drawing skills perhaps improve) then please join the mailing list.