The French Syndrome


H. B. O’Neill & June Caravel

A woman awakes from a sore head with a new accent and now her life is completely
upside down. Who is Kate Winslow and where does she belong? The French
Syndrome is a quirky and thought-provoking comedy drama detailing the trauma of
Foreign Accent Syndrome and the life changing events this curious and rare condition can trigger.

How much of us is contained in how we sound? How much is assumed by what we
hear? How possible is it to control how we are perceived? How do attitudes change when an accent is revealed?

The French Syndrome highlights one woman’s search for truth, honesty and belonging
following a unique and dramatic turn of events. Can challenging circumstance lead to
personal growth? Is identity indelibly linked to outward presentation? Does the individual’s
essence lie within or is all simply surface? And are cheese and fromage ever simply the same thing?

The French Syndrome is the latest H. B. O’Neill and June Caravel collaboration – a
feature length screenplay that can be read in its entirety upon request.

Interested film-makers/producers please get in touch via the contact page.

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