The Perilous Path


A woman with a quest. A man with a reputation. A date. A doubt. A disappearance,

What links an octogenarian naturist, a work-shy poet, an exotic underground bartender, a
vivacious aunt, a hen-pecked husband, a novice dancer, three truants and a volatile traffic

Can a mystery be solved and true love found by a resourceful burlesque detective? Can the
advice of a foul-mouthed parrot ever truly be trusted? Will a secret double-identity
successfully hoodwink an innocent optimist? And are a resourceful crew of feisty school-
absconders the only hope when their teacher’s life is threatened?

The Perilous Path is a feature length comedy drama which was shortlisted for the Bluecat
Fellini Award.

If you would like to read the full script with a view to producing the film then please get in touch via
the contact page

Genuinely funny and mysterious.
BlueCat Fellini Award Judge
The entire text is extremely well-written and it is very successful in delivering a unique and interesting story to its audience.
BlueCat Fellini Award Judge
Undoubtably, it would translate well into film.
BlueCat Fellini Award Judge