H. B. O’Neill & June Caravel

“You’ve been told… NOW DO IT!”

Got a problem? Need help? Are you desperate? Feeling brave? Truly brave? Are you sure?
If you truly want to change your life then there’s only one person to call…

Samantha’s tactics go way beyond any accepted realm of self-help encouragement. She is not
a typical Life Coach. Samantha is a highly strung, hugely determined, proudly unorthodox,
exceedingly expensive, brutally bullish, passionately professional, fully-focused irritant. If
you invite her into your life you need to be prepared. Her unconventional style, unremitting
enthusiasm and brutal shock tactics ensure she ALWAYS get results.

Samantha has never failed.

Be it Ted, the author who can’t finish his book, the too polite Ruth who doesn’t dare confront
her flatulent nemesis or Alexandra who’s tried every diet yet has always managed to remain
overweight, Samantha has a unique bespoke solution for all her client’s problems. She even
manages to get a previously-lost cause sex addict to focus on something other than his oddly-
shaped ice cubes and made to measure red leather shorts.
It seems she has the answer to everyone’s problems. But what of finding her own happiness?
One day she is begged to try and nag, scold, bash, bully or beat some sense into Alistair by
his deeply concerned mother. Alistair is the arrogant, hyper-spoilt, work-shy only son of
Fiona and Giorgio Mazzoleni, Italian immigrants who have made a fortune creating a
successful fast food chain. Alistair’s disgruntled and ashamed father has presented him with
an ultimatum – either get a job and prove his worth or be disowned and disinherited.
Samantha is secretly hired by Mrs Mazzoleni to give her son the special treatment.
Soon enough Alistair is able to express his talents. In a very unexpected way. He does not
behave as Samantha expects. Suddenly the tables seemed to have turned. Is now the time for
Samantha to confront her own demons? Has the Ice-Maiden finally met her match? Can she
still help Alistair whilst being forced to re-evaluate her own rigid beliefs?
Samantha is a co-written feature length rom-com by H.B. O’Neill and June Caravel. Full
synopsis and script available on request. If interested in producing the film please get in touch
via the contact page

Below is a short teaser filmed by the writers in order to give some idea of how the film might take