The Spanner and The Gauntlet – An introduction to The Pink Chapeau

If you’re sat at home on your own and think you’re quite happy and believe everyone else should just leave you alone and if they can’t manage that then they should quite merrily go…   well, you know, then hats off to you.


If when you’re sat alone reading your book or writing your poem or perhaps fondly gazing at your fascinating navel whilst daydreaming about the things you’ll one day do or could have one day said and oh-so-most-likely-might-still-achieve once you’re suitably rested and adequately enthused


Outside/Actual/Viscerally-Real life suddenly throws its heavy and cruel spanner of fate – you know the one – that brutal blunt instrument that threatens to savagely intervene and rudely interrupt all and any wondrous reverie – full force in your direction, then what would you do?

Now that you are forcibly faced with a choice.

Now that you are imbued with a knowledge that determines you can no longer sit comfy on your sofa or lounge carefree in your bed or indulge majestically in the bubbles of your bath.

Because now you have been exposed.

Now you have seen…

And now, try as you will, you won’t un-see.

And as a result of such seer-like seeing now nothing seems simple. Now things have changed. Lots of things. Everything. Your conscience has been offered a gauntlet. Your psyche has suffered a quandary.

And consequently, stretch as you might, stretch as you must, stretch as you desperately will, your peace – that precious peace – that perfect personal peace – that carefully constructed internal thick-walled bastion of calm – is forever out of reach.

So what now?

What will you do?

How do you react?

Who do you listen to?

Which of the rabid voices now vying for attention will you acknowledge? Which of the latent-now-awakened inner urgings will best convince? Which of the clashing options will win your recognition? Which truth will you accept? Which instinct will you honour? What will you decide now that decision is unavoidable? Now that you have to consider all you wished to avoid.

What will you do?

What can I do?

What will you do?

What can I do?

What will you do?

Who will you be?

What might you become?

If you silently stepped forward, determinedly reached down and reverently clutched the totemic blood-sodden reminder of what you’d seen. Of what you’d witnessed.

What then?

What path might open?

What destiny might be fulfilled…